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The RV Radio Network (RVRN) is an ARRL affiliated association of Amateur Radio Operators who share an interest Recreational Vehicles. On this website you will find information about rallies, hamfests, radio nets, and other activities of interest to the members of our club. RVRN now has ham radio nets for every class of license, and even one net that does not require an FCC license. The list of club sponsored nets is below and a large list of RV/Ham nets is available by clicking the "RV/Travel Nets" button on the menu bar at the top of most pages. Net Control Operators KA2HPG, N0ROB, W8TJT, KC1M, N3YRZ, KC5MEM, W9WRM, K9BJR, WA5FFL, WR5E, K7SWS, KE6NYT and KO6XX want to talk to you. If you would like to help us as an NCO or Relay station please contact our Communications Manager Fred, KA2HPG.
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Posted by KB9ITV -
6-4-2024 _ 1:46 PM CDT

The DX Code of Conduct link at the bottom of the home page seems to have been hijacked by a gaming website. Tanganjudi slot machine? Thought you should know.


Posted by W8CI -
5-27-2024 _ 11:52 AM CDT

Here is a link to new full service rv camping in Greene County, Ohio owned by the county. Not open yet but due to open soon. This a beautiful location and an easy drive to Hamvention.

Give them a call soon if interested.

Sorry about the double post earlier.

Vy 73 to all.

de Michael W8CI


Posted by W8CI -
5-27-2024 _ 9:57 AM CDT

Hello all! I hope those of you who attended Hamvention found it enjoyable. We have 598 of us radio souls who volunteer to make it a grand event. Most all of the forums were recorded..minus the ARRL forums and can be found on www.hamvention.org. We had a spectacular turnout, actually setting a record..35,877.

Remember to make your camping reservations for next year at Caesarcreek State Park or John Bryan State Park or try Cowan Lake State Park. The Xenia Fairboard/Expo Center handles on site RV sites and you may want to contact them directly for available sites for next year.

73 de W8CI ...good on qrz if you want to contact me.

Posted by W8CI -
5-27-2024 _ 9:56 AM CDT

Hello all! I hope those of you who attended Hamvention found it enjoyable. We have 598 of us radio souls who volunteer to make it a grand event. Most all of the forums were recorded..minus the ARRL forums and can be found on www.hamventio.org. We had a spectacular turnout, actually setting a record..35,877.

Remember to make your camping reservations for next year at Caesarcreek State Park or John Bryan State Park or try Cowan Lake State Park. The Xenia Fairboard/Expo Center handles on site RV sites and you may want to contact them directly for available sites for next year.

73 de W8CI ...good on qrz if you want to contact me.

Posted by K9BJR -
5-14-2024 _ 11:35 AM CDT

Sorry for everyone on the 20m net today, I heard N6MOS (Brett) really clearly - the best I have heard him - but he couldn't copy me. I could not hear anyone else over the air or SDR.

I made 6 QSO's this morning on various bands including 6 with Japan (Lots of DX on 30m and 40m before dawn), so my gear is working.

Could you or anyone else in the USA hear me?

Posted by NY4NC -
4-25-2024 _ 11:24 AM CDT

This is more than what you want, but it has advantages. I use an ICOM IC-7100 which is all-bands, HF, VHF, and UHF. I use a BlueCAT device (see the Repeater Book app for information), which can be ordered and then it plugs into the main unit of the IC-7100. It allows one to link to the Repeater Book app via Bluetooth. Then all one needs to do is to touch an entry in the Repeater Book app to set the radio to use the selected repeater. It is simple to use on-the-move.


According to the linked web site:
"Versions now available for the ICOM 7000, 7100, 9100 and Yaesu FT-857, FT-817, FT-897, FT100D - 4800 baud version required."

Posted by KB4DZN -
4-14-2024 _ 6:53 PM CDT

I'm in the market for a simple 2/44 duo band for mobile use, perhaps in a passenger ride, possibly in the MH. I've tried the 5100 - too complex of a screen to handle in motion - period. Your thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by K9BJR -
4-14-2024 _ 8:51 AM CDT

I'm glad RVRN member Jason (Ham Radio 2.0 on YouTube) did his usual walk round live video of the Ham Fests he goes to. Yesterday was the Spring Belton (TX) Hamfest. I watched his video live and was pleased that I got the experience of walking round it and the benefit of NOT spending a ton of cash on all the goodies (and junk) for sale.

Remember folks... There is always another local-ish Hamfest, a couple of months away. For me that is the DFW are one on June14-15.

Posted by W2REV -
4-10-2024 _ 7:26 PM CDT

I was thinking along the lines of using the trailer hitch.

The only problem with back there I'd only be able to use my rig once parked. I thought about adding a hitch to the front since the hood is metal - might help. I have heard that some folks put a brush guard up front and mount to that, but I've yet to see a pic or whether it works well.

Posted by K7SWS -
4-9-2024 _ 11:37 PM CDT

Just a thought for W2REV
I didn't know a thing about an Altas until I watched their sales video....Wow what a nice rig!
You could build an L mount out of 2" square tube and mount the ATAS to the trailer hitch. I did something similar to a travel trailer we had in the past. I just added a braided strap between the mount and the frame of the RV.
I use the ladder on our Winnebago Vectra and I have also added a ground strap to that as well.

Steve K7SWS

Posted by W2REV -
4-9-2024 _ 7:05 PM CDT

Our mode of travel is an Airstream Atlas. It's a Mercedes Benz chassis and fiberglass body motorhome, not the "silver bullets" that come to mind when mentioning Airstream. Our old rig had a ladder on the back that easily supported my ATAS120 for an FT857. I am at a loss at how and where to mount the ATAS on this RV.

What complicates the matter is this RV is already at 10-6 in height, and the roof real estate is already taken up with 3 air vents, 2 plumbing vents, and solar panels.

Has anybody got any ideas?

Posted by KI5ECE -
3-18-2024 _ 10:11 AM CDT

Anyone attending the Cajun RV Festival Apr 11-15 down at Isle of Iberia RV Resort. We are attending with two other couples. First time for us


Posted by KB6WHV -
3-7-2024 _ 10:44 AM CST

Lots of fun and activities on the branmirster talk group 31652 RV talk group this morning.

Posted by KB6

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(11/12) Can I use the TV wiring in my RV for my HF antenna.
Is it possible to use the pre-wired satellite connection on my RV as a entry point to connect my external HF antenna to my station inside? The RV is wired with F-type connectors on (presumably) 75 ohm wire and runs parallel with the pre-wired cable TV connector.
Thank you very much for contacting RVRN with your question. If I understand your question you would like to use your satellite 75 ohm coax for your HF antenna. Without knowing the electrical characteristics of your coax it is difficult to say. I am not worried about the 75 ohm impedance but question the power rating. If you can, find the cable number and look up on the internet to confirm both the impedance and power rating.

There are F connector adapters to be able to use the standard PL-259 connector.

(11/9) Larry asks about grounding for his antenna.
I'm trying to install a HAM radio in my 40' Class-A motorhome. It's skinned entirely with fiberglass. I think I have found a mirror antenna mount for the antenna. My concern is about the ground plane requirement to make antenna work. If I can get it to work and install the antenna on the mirror, will that connection to the entire frame of the motorcoach act as the ground plane and give me good coms?
Hello Larry,
Thank you for reaching out to RVRN with your question! Yes, if there is an electrical connection to the frame that can be a big help. One drawback could be the HF antenna size and drag on the mirror while driving. I suggest you get access to an antenna analyzer and check the SWR for this setup as you may need a tuner. An alternate setup RVers use is the hitch on the back of the coach with a mast going upward.

Either setup will need to be tested for actual performance as each is a bit of a compromise. Let us know how it goes.

Best Regards

(11/4) Gary asks about voltage and current phase.
Gary asks: Will a non-resonant vertical antenna with a set tuner at its feed point have the voltage and current at its feed point in phase? No lengthy discussion please: only yes, no, or I don't know.
Gary, This is a good question. If your tuner can tune the non-resonant antenna to 1:1 it will be purely resistive, and voltage and current are in phase.


(9/30) Randy asks about the pre-wired coax cables in an RV
Randy asks: Looking for an answer on whether it is possible to use the pre wired coax cables in a Rv, for the tv, as a means to connect your antenna and base unit. I don’t have a unit in my camper yet but was wanting to eliminate any drilled holes through the camper floors or walls.
Hello Randy, This is an excellent question. I suppose the most typical impedance of TV coax is 75 ohms. This will introduce a little bit higher SWR for you but certainly something you can work with. Theoretically, this mismatch should only introduce an SWR of 1.5 to 1. Depending on your antenna, it may be useful to have a tuner to compensate for the slight mismatch. In fact, many hams do use 75 ohm coax because it is so much cheaper. The only other consideration would be the power level if you are using an amplifier. If so, I would look up the actual specs for your coax to make sure you don’t exceed the power rating.

Best Regards

(9/2) Jeff asks what antenna analyzer to use
This question comes to us from Jeff in Ohio. I am considering buying an antenna analyzer, but they seem very expensive. One option I did come across is the nano VNA. These seem to have the same functions but are far less expensive. What do you think?
Well, Jeff, you have this down correctly. The nano VNA’s are, in general, less expensive, and in fact, will do much more. With the improvement in technology, the nano VNA has become a great option for many hams. They are very flexible and have enormous capability. The major drawback I have found is that unless a ham is very technically inclined, the learning curve is very steep and many hams get frustrated trying to figure out how the VNA works. I would first recommend watching several YouTube’s about the nano VNA. Many of these are well done, and will give you great insight into the complexity of the VNA. The ARRL also has some very good publications about the VNA so check that out as well. If you feel comfortable, then you might invest in a VNA and get used to its capability.

Best Regards

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