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The RV Radio Network is an ARRL affiliated association of RV enthusiasts who also share an interest in Amateur Radio. Here you will find information about rallies, hamfests, radio nets, and other activities of interest to the members of our club. We invite all Amateur Radio Operators with an appropriate FCC license to participate in our nightly net on 7265 KHz. at 7:00 PM Central Time
(15 minutes earlier in winter months.)
Our Net Contnrol Operatorss KA2HPG, KJ4TD, K9GDI, KI4OCN, N0AZA, and N0ROB welcome you. We are always looking for Alternate NCOs. If you would like to be an alternate NCO please contact our Communications Manager - Fred, KA2HPG.
2018 Spring Eyeball Rally
Not your grandfathers kind of Rally!
We will piggy-back on HamCation
Stay Tuned for details.
If you can't log in
Your dues may be expired
Contact Marsall.
Bill Major, KI4OCN SK

With great sadness we report the passing of
Bill Major - KI4OCN.


The RV Radio Network 2017 Fall Rally
In the heart of the Thousand Islands

6 RVs, 3 Cabins, 2 Walk-ins and 4 Days of Memories

If you weren't there - you missed a great one.
Daily Wake-up nets, Breakfast, and Happy Hours.
Several Seminars and a Membership Meeting
Gormet Lunch of Croghan Bologna and Cheese Curds
Lots of Local Tourist Attractions

And Lots of Fellowship

Thanks to Harry, WB2SFZ for hosting a great event.
See Harry's Rally Report {HERE}.
2017_Fall_Rally 2017_Fall_Rally
We welcome these new RV Radio Network members
#1379 W0CLK Wayne and Janet Shirk   #1380 KD2NEI Steve Andersen
#1381 KM4HYO Jeffrey and Kathy Perryman   #1382 K5TGS Tim and Kim Staley
#1383 KE0MIA Bill and Marilynn Woods   #1384 N3FTI Steven and Sharon Kerns
#1385 N1XSS Rob and Karen Mather   #1386 W2RMT Richard and Annie Torrey
#1387 KF2BPJ Belinda and Brian Connor   #1388 KB0EA John and Kathy Martin
The Sign Man of Baton Rouge
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